– from 50 to 500 people
– Set menus starting at $29.95 pp

We serve in the real Churrasco style like any Brazilian celebration. We set up our full salad bar and grill all the meats in our outdoor Churrasqueira, the gaucho style!


Get your Catering starting from 45$ per person, pick yours, Meals, Sides, and Salads with our special dessert and we take care of everithing… get a free quote for your event


    Churrasco To Go commits to providing the best catering experience. Relish in superior taste with a personal touch. Our catering service will enhance any birthday, graduation, wedding, business lunch or gala, or a simple family get together.

    We prepare different cuts of Certified Angus Beef, pork, lamb, shrimp, poultry, and beef and pork sausages, roasted slowly to maintain their natural flavors. Next you’ll watch our carvers slice the meat off the cooking skewers as the juices flow onto your plate.

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    TraditionalRodizio Style

    Starting at $45 pp

    Our Rodizio catering menus provide an authentic ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT meat experience for you and your guests. Our Gauchos bring skewer after skewer of grilled meats to each guest throughout the meal until they have had enough.
    – Buffet Salad
    – Feijoada Bar
    – Cheese Station
    – Fresh Fruits
    – Grilled Meats